My name is Vynnie Hale. I was born and raised in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. I presently reside in the Lakes Region in the town of Center Harbor. I worked most of my life as a Golf Director at Waukewan Golf Club. In 2008 I left Waukewan. Funny how you think that the career you are in will be there for the rest of your life. My friends and family always encouraged me to do something with my creativity. Now is my chance.

The medium I work with is Polymer Clay. I was introduced to Poymer Clay in the year 2000. I purchased a couple blocks of the clay and began with a few basic creatures that I copied from a book that I also purchased. It was not only fun but also instantly gratifying. I popped my creations in the oven and in 20 minutes they were done. I then began adding details on them with acrylic paint. Soon my creations came to life. All my friends and family received polymer clay ornaments for Christmas that year.

It was a great beginning but I needed to make something that was my own. In 2001, I was invited to a Tropical Christmas Party at my friend Christine's house. Each guest was asked to bring an ornament to hang on the tree that kept to the Tropical theme. I took out my blocks of clay and made a couple of tropical fish with colorful hand painted designs. I then attached big white fish eyes and oversized lips. To me they were silly looking but I was happy with my work. The response that I got as I hung them on the tree was much more than I expected. "Where did you get these"? the party goers asked. "They are so unique. I have never seen anything like them". Guess what everyone got for Christmas that year...

It is now 2010 and I finally decided to do something with my tropical fish. I gave them the name Vyn Fin's and I have put together my first collection. Each Vyn Fin is unique in design. In a matter of fact, when I make a fish or turtle, I remove all others from sight to ensure their uniqueness. Only the outside is made of Polymer Clay. The inside is filled with crumpled up tin foil to keep them light in weight. They are very colorful on a Christmas tree or can be displayed year round while floating gently on their 6 3/4" brass ornament stand.

So this is the beginning of my new adventure called "VynnArt". There are several fires in the kettle so keep checking in. Wait until you see my drunken elves...

Special Thanks

Thank you to all my friends for your encouragement and support, particularly, Christine Hodecker-George and Michael Searle. As successful artists, they not only inspired me to follow my dream, but had the patience to show me how through sharing their own experiences.

A huge thanks goes to Funspot, The Weirs Times, LWHS, the staff at Funspot and the Lawton Family (Starr, Bob, Sandra, Dave, Steve, Randy). “You supported me and put up with me during the whole process of launching VynnArt".

I would also like to thank my sister, Lisa and my mother, Yvonne. “You have always believed in me through everything that I have attempted in life. You were also there for me when things didn’t go my way. It is a comfort to know that you are there for me, as I am for you.”

Lastly, I would like to thank John, my partner for life. “You have been by my side for so many years. I don’t know how you do it, but thank you. VynnArt may never make us millionaires but having you in my life makes me feel like one. PS….It’s your turn to mow the lawn”.

I dedicate The Vyn-Fin Collection and this website to my dad, Dexter. He really sucked on a computer but if he was still alive, he would have done anything it took to get onto my website, print it and proudly enter it in his scrapbook collection. “Dad, I hope this makes you proud. I miss you.”

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